25 Helpful Statistical Functions of Excel | Statistical Functions with Example

Statistical Functions of Excel

Statistical functions are must for data analyst when using excel as tool and using statistical methods. There are 110 statistical functions in Microsoft Excel. Out of those, there are 25 statistical functions which are useful and must learn for data analyst. In this article, 25 statistical functions of excel will be on descriptive analytics, predictive … Read more

How to use ANOVA with Excel | 4 Easy steps for One Way & Two Way ANOVA in Excel

How to Use ANOVA with Excel

ANOVA is one of the frequently used inferential statistical method to check the effect of an experiment or test. Like other statistical tools, excel also have the capability to perform ANOVA test. In this article, we’ll discuss that how to use ANOVA with excel. Moreover, 4 steps for one way and two way ANOVA with … Read more

What is ANNOVA | Analysis of Variance | One Way ANNOVA Test | 7 Steps for ANNOVA

What is ANNOVA

ANNOVA is an inferential statistical method to find out the difference between two data sets. It is a most useful test methodology among researchers and data analyst. ANNOVA is used for the fields of research and study like economics, statistics, biology, psychology and marketing study and many more. It can be performed by manual calculation … Read more

Complete Time Series Forecasting with R | Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA)

Time Series Forecasting with R

There are four types of analytics, descriptive analytics, diagnostics analytics, predictive analytics, and prescriptive analytics. Among all four types of analytics, predictive analytics is one of the important type of analytics to predict the future based on historical data. There are many factors which impacts the dependent variable and the future trend. So, while doing … Read more

How to Use Regression in Excel | How to Get Regression Equation in Excel Quickly

How to use Regression in Excel

Regression is the basic concept of predictive analytics. When we say predictive analytics, it’s all about to predict the future or forecast the future. There are many types of regression exist in the world of data science or statistics like linear regression, logistic regression, ridge regression and many more. As a basic data analytics tool, … Read more