How to Create Interactive Dashboard in Excel | 5 Steps to Create Interactive Dashboard in Excel

Interactive dashboard in excel

Dashboard creation is a demanding skill in the edge of data science. Interactive Dashboards are required to present a data set in the form of summary or report to users. We are encircled by various dashboards in our daily life or at workplaces. Dashboards are integrated part of smart phones, laptops, and smart watches. Moreover, … Read more

What is data visualization | 6 Effective Parameters to choose right data visualization

What is data visualization

Data visualization in another buzzing word like data science and artificial intelligence in today’s world. In many a times, we are getting bombard with too many charts or graphs in many reports or presentation without proper information. On the other hand, few simple charts can tell us so many information or story behind it which … Read more

Amazing Think-cell for PowerPoint | 4 easy steps to create Think-cell Chart

Think-cell for PowerPoint

Think-cell is one of the popular tools for presenter. In other words, Think-cell helps presenter to make an insightful and attractive presentation. When we think about presentation, Microsoft PowerPoint is the preferred option. In this article, we’ll discuss the use of Think-cell, Think-cell for PowerPoint and how to create your favorite charts in Think-cell. Think-cell … Read more

What is Perceptual Mapping | 2 Types of Multidimensional Scaling in R | Simple R code for Metric & Non-Metric Multidimensional Scaling

Multidimensional Scaling in R

Perceptual mapping and Multidimensional scaling are the two terminology which are linked with each other. Brand positioning depends on the strategy and marketing procedures which enables a brand in the customers mind depending on the customer needs and brand attributes. To see brand positioning compared to competitors, various techniques are being used like perceptual mapping, … Read more