16 Effective Tips for PowerPoint Presentations | How to make good PowerPoint Slides

Presentation is the end objective or finishing point for a data analyst. As a data analyst, you need to communicate your finding and insights to the stakeholders. So, it is one of the important skill for data analyst. You may present it in the form of text, table, chart, graphs, videos etc. Now, Microsoft PowerPoint is the preferred choice to create presentation slides. So, as data analyst, you should know the tips for effective PowerPoint presentation. PowerPoint is not only useful for data analyst but also for any professional or students. In this article, we’ll discuss the tips for PowerPoint presentations to make it effective. Also, the points will be discussed that how to make good PowerPoint presentation. In these two parts, first part is for overall tips while creating PowerPoint presentation. Second part is on the additional PowerPoint tips.

Tips for PowerPoint presentations

Make it Simple

The primary objective for any presentation to communicate your message within the short span of time. So, simplicity is the key so that audience can understand the content easily and quickly. Simplicity is in terms of clean and precise content in each slide. It is said that less is more. Don’t make your slide cluttered with too many content and use precise content.

Make it Engaging

For a presentation, engaging the audience is most challenging step. If your audience get engaged and can connect with your content, it will be a success. To achieve that, start your presentation with a story or real life situation and then connect it with your content. Engaging opening is always the winning strategy for any kind of presentation. Let’s say you are presenting sales data and you need to engage sales team. So, one internal or external incident can be used to start and connect the data with situation. Moreover, knowing the audience is important to apply the story and engage. Also, knowing audience will help you understand their need and want from your presentation.

Less Text

As mentioned earlier that it should be simple and engaging. So, more text in a slide will looks cluttered and also disengage audience. So, use picture, graph, and grid in the presentation instead of text. It’s better to communicate with the help of picture and graph to your audience. Only keep relevant text in the slide. Instead of mentioning the text, you can verbally articulate those information with the audience.

Tips for PowerPoint presentationS
Use Image

Using of an image can be more impactful for a presentation. For an example, you are going to start a product presentation and you would like to start with “Tagline of Coca-Cola”. So, instead of writing the tagline, simply the picture of Coca-Cola is the good choice where the tagline is mentioned. It will be more impactful for the audience. Also, always use high resolution image for great quality slides.

More White Space

More white space will make a slide simple. It does not mean the always it should be white, it dependents on the background of the slide or template. More black space or space will protect your slide to see as cluttered one.

Less Number of slides

Presentation should be impactful and not to bore people. Less is more concept is applicable in case of number of slides also. Try to convey your message with minimum of slides and talk more instead of putting everything in the slides.

Good Flow and Organize

Before the presentation and making the slides, organize your concept as step by step manner. This will help to maintain a good flow during the presentation. The flow also a deciding factor to engage the audience.

Make the Storyline

Before creating the slides, make the storyline. Always, start your thinking process from the story which are going to tell. It will help to structure the flow and selection of relevant information.

Plan and Practice

Practice is the key for any successful presentation. Do at least 2-3 times mirror practice before the final presentation Moreover, dry run the slide with mock presentation. The more you practice, more will be the confidence and smooth implementation. So, plan first and practice.

Bullet Points

As mentioned earlier that presentation should be simple. So, instead of mention whole description of information, use bullet points. Also don’t use more than seven bullet points in a slide as per 7 by 7 rule (discussed later).

Audience Perspective

Always plan your presentation from the audience perspective. It will help you to fulfil the requirement, engage people and interacting presentation. If audience is keen to understand the marketing campaign, you should drive the same.

Avoid More Animation

Animation is not good for a good presentation. So, try to avoid it. Instead of animation, simple image is more impactful.

Use Good Contrast

Slides are for visualization of the concept which you’ll be articulated during the presentation. So, it needs to be looks standard, appealing and meaningful in nature. To make it happen, use a good contrast to highlight something or to focus on something. You can use dark and light colour. Contrast is also applicable for text in a slide. Let’s say, you have mentioned a line with black colour and one word needs to be highlighted. Use different colour for the specific word like blue.

Choose Right Template

Template selection is important and starting point before make the slides. It will also take care of the background and overall design of the entire slide deck. For most of the organizations, standard slide templates are already designed. If it is not then choose the template design from template library, available in PowerPoint.

Use Slide Master and Smart Art

Slide master is an important feature to make structured and good looking slides. Use smart art for insert a flow, table or process. It is more convenient and less time consuming.

Rule for Presentation

There are two rules to follow while creating slides, 7 by 7 rule and 10-20-30 rule. 7 by 7 rule says that there should not be seven lines in one slide and not more than 7 words in a single line.

On the other hand, 10-20-30 rule add precise instruction for impactful slide. It says that a full slide deck should contain 10 slides, which can be presented within 20 minutes. The fonts for each slide should not be more than 30 points. In a nutshell, 10 slides, 20 minutes and 30 point font.

How to make good PowerPoint Slides

To make good PowerPoint slides, first requirement is to learn Microsoft PowerPoint. But only to learn the tool will not help. It is like an art to present something to the audience. If I take the example of photography, photographers are using the power of imagination. Moreover, they are looking into many remarkable photography. So, the best way to learn PowerPoint slides to watch many good slides. There are many helpful websites are available, Google images, LinkedIn slides can be helpful resource to develop the imagination of slide structures. Find the following points as tips to make good PowerPoint slides. Always use same font and size for all the slides. Choose the font size such a way, so that it should be visible from the back.


All the required points are mentioned in the article which will help and empower you to create an impactful presentation. Involve yourself into more and more presentation to have practical experience. By applying these tips and looking into more impactful slides, you will be mastering the skill of effective PowerPoint presentation.

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