What is Perceptual Mapping | 2 Types of Multidimensional Scaling in R | Simple R code for Metric & Non-Metric Multidimensional Scaling

Multidimensional Scaling in R

Perceptual mapping and Multidimensional scaling are the two terminology which are linked with each other. Brand positioning depends on the strategy and marketing procedures which enables a brand in the customers mind depending on the customer needs and brand attributes. To see brand positioning compared to competitors, various techniques are being used like perceptual mapping, … Read more

Market Basket Analysis with R | Simple Apriori Algorithm in R | 8 usefulness of Market Basket Analysis

Market Basket Analysis with R

Retail business is one of the growing and profitable business in the world. There are many global players in the retail business like Walmart, Amazon, Costco etc. Data analytics is playing a major role in the retail industry in terms of segmentation and targeting of appropriate customers, forecasting of sales and many more. Among all … Read more